Dometic is a Swedish group that specializes in outdoor living appliances. The roots of the now world-renowned company go back to the 1920s. It is the driving force behind major outdoor brands such as Kampa and Mobicool, and the recently acquired group that manufactures premium BBQ brands Twin Eagles and Delta Heat. Rightly recognized for sheer luxury, these products are now backed by the expertise and strength of a globally integrated group.


Twin Eagles and Delta Heat have been manufacturing ultra-luxury grills and outdoor cooking equipment for over two decades. Precision engineered with cutting-edge technology, this range is all about the ultimate in elegance and performance. Uniquely designed by top engineers, these units are built with the finest materials available. Incorporating technologies that will astound the true connoisseur, these premium BBQs aren’t just for designers and architects to marvel at.

The elegance and luxury combined with the meticulous design and ingenuity of these grills make them, without a doubt, some of the highest quality appliances available. All of this has been made possible by a visionary who has worked hard in the industry for over 30 years: Dante Cantal, founder of Twin Eagles. An award-winning designer and engineer, Cantal is passionate about perfecting his culinary equipment with the research and development you’d expect from an industry leader.

Specifically, the Twin Eagles and Delta Heat lines offer several sizes of built-in BBQs, gas and pellet grills, as well as higher-end models, such as the Eagle One. In addition to its impeccable construction, this California-based company’s technological secret is its innovative five-part grilling system, the Ultimate Grilling System. Designed for performance, it will delight true enthusiasts. The system integrates direct and radiant heat to create a perfect and unique cooking synergy. This will allow you to preheat your grill faster, achieve higher temperatures, have more even heat distribution and use less gas, to name a few benefits. Also, the design reflects the vision that each appliance should be unique. Several customization options are offered, in addition to the basic technologies. That alone makes these BBQs extraordinary!

Finally, for Dometic, passion is driven by the desire to create enjoyable moments between you and your guests while you grill, eat, and spend time together. Creating warm memories that will last long after the grill has cooled down.



Premier Series

A Delta Heat Premier grill brings a luxurious lifestyle to any patio or deck. The models can be built-in to complement many outdoor kitchen accessories. The Premier BBQ Series is also available on a cart, allowing you to move the performance and versatility of Delta Heat to your outdoor living space.

Appliances (number of burners): 66 cm/26″ (2), 81 cm/32″ (3), 97 cm/38″ (3)

Main cooking area (warming rack) (cfm2 /o2 ): 420 (1,219/189), 525 (1,542/239), 625 (1,858/288)

Main features

  • LED-lit control panel (blue)
  • 304 stainless steel construction with seamless polished welds
  • Lid-opening aid system
  • Interior halogen lighting
  • 18-gauge stainless steel U-shaped burners
  • Combined direct and indirect ceramic radiant grilling system
  • Infrared rotisserie burner included (optional for the 26″ model)
  • Made in the USA

Option: With the 32″ and 38″ RS models, one of the U burners is replaced by an infrared cooking zone offering very high temperatures very quickly.


Premium Series

Twin Eagles use high-quality 300 series laser-precision cut stainless steel. The units are built with helium arc welding technology for strength and durability essential for outdoor use. You’ll feel the commitment to quality in every use. Responsive, intuitive, easy to use, the Premium Series BBQs make food so delicious that your family and friends will taste the difference in every single bite.

Appliances (number of burners): 76 cm/30″ (2), 91 cm/36″ (3), 107 cm/42″ (3), 137 cm/54″ (4)

Main features

  • Ultimate Grilling System
  • 25,000 BTU burners (304 stainless steel with lifetime warranty)
  • Construction with seamless polished welds
  • Lid-opening aid system
  • Three positions extra-wide cooking and warming rack
Eagle one

The Eagle One Super Premium grill builds on Twin Eagles’ reputation for meticulous engineering, exceptional design, and unmatched performance. Its striking appearance speaks to the most discerning designers. Bold lighting features allow you to manage and monitor the temperature with precision and style at all times. The performance only adds to its fame, making it your neighbours’ envy.

Appliances (number of burners): 91 cm/36″ (3), 107 cm/42″ (3), 137/54″ (4)

Main features

  • Ultimate Grilling System
  • Indigo blue lights accentuate the steel and increase visibility
  • Temp Track system which indicates the temperature on the buttons with several light signals at each burner
  • Infrared rotisserie with elegant and efficient black glass
  • 1.27 cm (½ in) hexagonal grids
  • And much more
Pellet Grill

The Pellet Grill combines ultimate performance with convenience, setting the standard for premium pellet grills. Precise and versatile temperatures from 140°F (60°C) to 725°F (385°C). Bake, broil, sear, and roast functions offer amazing results and are controlled from a touch screen.

Appliances (number of burners): 91 cm/36″ (3)

Main features

  • Made entirely of 304 stainless steel (no weld marks)
  • 3-tiered cooking grids
  • Variable speed fan
  • Heavy-duty 120 V motor
  • SmokePlus feature for fast flavour infusion


The Air Tug

During ignition, the heat rises and draws air upwards, which then brings in fresh air through the openings under the firebox.


  • The upward flow of air keeps the heat well above the burners, which accelerates its dispersion over the cooking surface evenly.
  • The air/gas mixture remains constant for a more efficient flame.
  • The supply of fresh air reduces the heat on the burners.
Zone cooking

The Twin Eagles and Delta Heat system includes a divider between each burner. This allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures depending on the delicacy of each food. Zone cooking allows you to use a single burner efficiently when you don’t need the entire appliance for cooking. Since the circulating air pushes the heat onto the grate, the heat is concentrated on the burner area and not lost in the hood.


  • Different grilling zones can heat at different temperatures to cook foods with different cooking requirements at the same time.
  • Allows you to use only the gas needed for cooking.
Direct heat

The competition’s grills work on the principle that heat rises, which can create areas that are too hot or too cold depending on the shape of the burners. This is because the heat tends to follow the path of least resistance rather than the one that allows it to be distributed more evenly over the cooking surface.

To better control the heat of the BBQs, Twin Eagles and Delta Heat use a ceramic briquette tray with diffusers to direct radiant heat onto the cooking surface. The heat is therefore pushed through the briquettes, thus increasing the balance throughout the appliance for better heat distribution.


  • Provides the desired intense heat for searing and grilling.
  • Maximizes heat output and reduces energy use.
  • Evenly distributes the heat over the entire surface.
Radiant heat

To create radiant heat, the tray of ceramic briquettes inserted between the burner and the grate must first be heated before radiant heat can be produced. Once the briquette has absorbed sufficient energy, it remains hot for a long period of time and allows food to cook steadily or seize up when needed. Also, to speed up the process, rather than absorbing heat only from the base, the Twin Eagle system includes stainless steel diffusers that allow the briquettes to be heated from the sides and top.


  • Even heat distribution.
  • Briquettes absorb heat more quickly, therefore requiring less gas.
  • Heats the grill faster.
Hexagonal grids

The grates on most BBQs have one purpose: to support your food over the flames. For Twin Eagles, the grates actually help the cooking process by absorbing, retaining and conducting heat into your food effectively. To do this, the rods used in their design are stainless steel and hexagonal shape, 3/8″ or 1/2″. This gives them 20% more mass than most grids and 10% more surface area than round rods of the same size. This is because the flat surface of hexagonal rods creates a larger contact area between the grill and the food, allowing more heat to be conducted into your food. The grill marks are then sublime. An exclusive innovation of Twin Eagles.


  • Produces deeper, thicker restaurant-style marks.
  • Most even cooking
  • Improved energy saving


The eagle, the iconic American bird, represents independence, vision, and strength. Twin Eagles and Delta Heat share these qualities and adhere to the highest standards of design and manufacturing. All products are made in the USA. They are designed and built to embody impressive features by the industry’s finest craftsmen in a state-of-the-art factory in California.

For all these reasons, they are proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on their products. In the event of a defect in materials or workmanship, parts will be repaired or replaced free of charge. The owner will be responsible for all other costs including labour, shipping, and handling.

Limited lifetime warranty
  • The burners
  • Hexagonal grids (Twin Eagles only)
  • All other components made of stainless steel
Fifteen (15) year warranty (Delta Heat)
  • Stainless steel cooking grids
Five (5) year warranty
  • Briquette holder
  • Burner for searing food
  • Rotisserie burner
  • Grease trays
Two (2) year warranty
  • All other grill components
Exclusions and conditions

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. For the warranty to take effect, you must send the warranty registration card.

This warranty excludes discolouration, surface scratches, weather and atmospheric stains, and minor surface rust and oxidation, which are normal and to be expected with any outdoor product.

For full details and exclusions, please consult the user manual.