Jackson Grills


Jackson Grills is a British Columbia-based company dedicated to making kitchen products that can withstand the salty coastal air and the harsh Canadian winters. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, a cart model, or a portable barbecue, Jackson Grills makes heavy-duty, high-performance products that stand up to the test of time.


Founded in 1999, Jackson Grills has always focused on building durable and robust outdoor cooking appliances for the true BBQ enthusiast. They promise to provide a guaranteed professional-grade appliance built to last for years!

For one thing, they’ve eliminated what ends the life of most appliances: rust. Jackson Grills products are made of professional-grade stainless steel, from the tank to the burners, even at the screws and wheels. In addition, the entire length of the BBQ hood and cart are welded together to maintain the structural integrity of the units. There are no screws to tighten on a regular basis. That’s why all Jackson Grills come pre-assembled. Simply take it out of the box.

Furthermore, once the structure was built to last, they created a powerful and versatile machine for the most seasoned cooks. Jackson Grills has developed several technical innovations to create a high-performance grill, oven, and rotisserie, even in winter. The burners ignite immediately and effortlessly with flame ignition built into the knobs. Unlike other grills, a Jackson Grills reaches 500°F in just 2 minutes, so you can get cooking fast. This feat is not only due to the powerful burners of over 10,000 BTUs each or the infrared rotisserie, but more importantly, to the design that circulates air under the thick grates all the way to the back of the BBQ. This is the same principle as in a convection oven, so no heat is lost, and it eliminates cold spots on the cooking surface.

Finally, these are just a few reasons why Jackson Grills is a long-term investment that provides years of culinary delight.


This is the most popular series that Jackson Grills is known for. These cart-mounted grills are 100% stainless steel and offer all the benefits that Jackson Grills is known for.

  • Number of burners: 2, 3, 4,
  • Cooking area (sq. in.): 370, 510, 692
  • Power (BTU): 37,500, 58,500, 73,000
  • Main features: variable grilling surface, infrared rotisserie burner, stainless steel rod with built-in LED light, folding shelf, removable grease tray, and more.

The Supreme Series is Jackson Grills’ most luxurious product line. It has all the features that Jackson Grills is known for and more. With seamless welded and polished lines, these built-ins make a stylish statement.

  • Number of burners : 3, 4, 5
  • Cooking area (sq. in.) : 512, 692, 843
  • Power (BTU) : 46 500, 57 000, 67 500
  • Main features: seamless welded round hood, integrated LED knob lights, 9 mm grid with a variable grilling surface, infrared rotisserie burner, stainless steel rotisserie spit with integrated LED light, removable grease tray, optional cart and more available.

The Keystone Series was designed for those who want the benefits of Jackson Grills products without all the extra features of the Lux Series. This product line is just as functional but more affordable. For example, one of the main differences is the powder-coated steel cart that does not have a storage compartment.

  • Number of burners : 2, 3, 4
  • Cooking area (sq. in.) : 370, 510, 692
  • Power (BTU) : 22 000, 33 000, 73 000
  • Main features: 100% stainless steel BBQ hood, independent flame ignition for each burner, variable grilling surface, folding shelves, removable grease tray.

Jackson Grills also offers a series of portable BBQs, the Versa series. These small and powerful appliances meet the same quality standards as the other Jackson Grills products. This line of BBQ products includes three models to offer three different sizes.

Versa 100

This versatile appliance is made of 100% stainless steel 304 with a double-layer lid. It is electronically lit and offers a 260 sq. in. cooking surface. Featuring a U-shaped burner to regulate even grill temperature and a grease tray, this unit is ideal for a boat, camping, or RV. In addition, several options are available such as an electric rotisserie, a rail system for semi-permanent mounting or a pedestal. In a nutshell, the Versa 100 is a portable version of the Lux series.

Versa 50 & 75

The Versa 50 and 75 are smaller units with 155 and 188 sq. in. cooking surfaces. These grills offer the same basic features as the Versa 100 but in more compact sizes with fewer options.

See brochure for full details.


Jackson Grills offers a limited lifetime warranty on all units to the original owner. In fact, these products are so sturdy that the main components of the BBQ are well protected for optimal long-term use.

For the Supreme, Lux, and Keystone series, Jackson Grills offers a 10-year warranty plus 5 years on the main components of the grill. That means you have 10 years for 100% covered parts replacement and an additional 5 years for parts replacement at 50% of retail price.

For the Versa series, the warranty is 5 years plus 5 years for major parts.