As the name suggests, Kamado Joe is a manufacturer of Kamado charcoal grills. The company is an industry leader and is easily recognizable by its flamboyant red appliances. After several inventions that have transformed the art of charcoal grilling, Kamado Joe is synonymous with innovation. Its partnership with leading institutions such as Harvard University promises to revolutionize the culinary world again and again.


“Kamado” is a Japanese term for cooking stove or oven. More precisely, this type of traditional cooking appliance is found mainly in the south of the land of the rising sun. Inspired by this tradition, Americans have reinvented this ancient cooking style to create a whole new concept of charcoal grills. Now easily recognizable, these ceramic designed appliances are the ultimate in juicy, smoky food. Leading the technological revolution in this concept, Kamado Joe offers the most advanced appliances and accessories on the market.

It all starts with the quality of the ceramic. Besides a lifetime guarantee, the charcoal grill basket has a multi-piece construction, which prevents cracks from occurring due to the high heat so there’s no need to worry, summer or winter.

Once the structure was in place, Kamado Joe’s engineers completely redesigned the technical details of all models to make them as user-friendly and efficient as possible. When it comes to waterproofing, which is so important for the juiciness and temperature control, the appliances are equipped with a woven fibreglass seal and a stainless steel closing system that makes them completely watertight. In addition, the Kontrol Tower chimney allows for precise temperature control and retains its adjustment even when the dome is open. The dome is supported by a unique piston hinge that takes up almost all its weight and holds it in place. As such, there is no risk of breaking the lid by accidentally dropping it. There are many other innovations for which Kamado Joe is famous, but it would be impossible to name them all here.

From a culinary point of view, Kamado Joe’s reputation is just as strong as its technical expertise. Indeed, thanks to its wide range of appliances and accessories, all amateur and professional chefs will find what they are looking for when cooking seared and juicy meats, crunchy and tasty vegetables, or crispy and smoked pizzas.

In fact, Kamado Joe has only one goal: to create the best for the true grilling enthusiast.



Classic Joe & Big Joe

The Classic and Big Joe models are what Kamado Joe is known for. Always evolving, they are now offered in two generations of appliances full of innovation. The difference between the Classic and the Big Joe is the diameter of the cooking surface: 46 cm (18″) for the former and 61 cm (24″) for the latter. The Series II includes all the basic innovations, while the Series III also offers an aluminum cart and shelves, the SloRoller system, a third grate level and a stainless steel charcoal basket.

Pellet Joe

The Pellet Joe combines the properties of ceramic with pellet appliances technology. The appliance is highly efficient, retains the moisture of the food and allows for incomparable temperature control. The Pellet Joe’s heat is thermostatically controlled and can reach up to 315°C (600°F), which is much higher than competing appliances. It can hold up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs) of fuel and offers burn times of up to 14 hours on a single charge. Finally, you can even set and monitor your Kamado Joe grill from your phone, as it is fully Wi-Fi enabled.

Kettle Joe

The Kettle Joe is the company’s latest addition. Kamado Joe combined a classic model with the kettle style. The result? A steel grill with a diameter of 56 cm (22″). The appliance features a ceramic charcoal basket that amplifies the benefits of radiant heat. Also, there are iconic features like folding shelves and a hyperbolic ring inspired by the famous SloRoller. Unlike other kettle models, the lid can be put on or off a hinge which makes it easy to lift. Finally, the Kettle Joe has a built-in ash drawer for quick and easy cleaning.


Command & Conquer

Kamado Joe has built its success on the development of technologies that are revolutionizing the world of charcoal BBQs. First, the company started with the Divide & Conquer system. This multi-level grill is an innovation that allows you to cook different types of food at different temperatures on interchangeable surfaces at the same time. In fact, there are several optional half-moon grids to vary your cooking types (soapstone, cast iron, grill, etc.). So, you can sear a steak over the coals while vegetable and seafood kebabs are cooking in their marinade on a hot stone. The dishes are then all ready at the same time.


For those who like to be in complete control, the iKamand system brings the art of low temperature slow cooking within reach. Simply attach the intelligent device to the Kamado Joe’s ventilation hatch and the device will regulate the temperature and smoke with fans. However, what makes it an exceptional accessory is that it works with a mobile application, so you can monitor and adjust the cooking temperature from anywhere in your house.


The JoeTisserie, as the name suggests, is a Kamado Joe invention that allows you to add an electric spit roaster to your appliance. The durable cast aluminum accessory with a quiet 120V motor turns up to 50 lbs of meat. The constant, even rotation helps retain the natural juices of the meat for even cooking.


Developed in collaboration with Harvard University researchers, the SloRoller hyperbolic chamber is an engineering feat. The device aims to increase the airflow speed and the pressure inside the Kamado Joe so that the smoke loops precisely at the grate. The aerodynamics create cyclonic currents exposing the food to 20 times more smoke.



It’s easy to keep low temperatures for over 10 hours to smoke a variety of foods. This is the main purpose of a Kamado Joe. One immediately thinks of fish, sausages and meats, excellent ribs that fall off the bone, a pulled pork shoulder that has been turning for 8 hours or a rib roast that has been cooking all day in its own juices. For some, this is the argument that justifies buying a Kamado Joe.


Meats and vegetables seared over coals are always popular. The heat of over 232°C (450°F) caramelizes the sugars and marks the meat. It only takes a few minutes to cook a piece of meat to perfection on the grill. Also, thanks to the Divide & Conquer system, a steak can be seared on the coals while vegetable and seafood skewers are cooking in their marinade on the hot stone. The dishes are then all ready at the same time.


At over 315°C (600°F), the Kamado Joe turns into a powerful wood oven. That’s why the DoJoe kit was invented. This durable cast aluminum accessory turns your BBQ into a traditional pizza oven. The integrated supports maintain a precise and optimal distance between the flames and the pizza stone to ensure a perfect crust and optimal cooking of the toppings.


Kamado Joe offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products. The company prides itself for its quality ceramics and has full confidence in the design. The warranty is offered to the original owner.

  • Lifetime warranty: All ceramic parts that make up the appliance.
  • 5 years: All metal/cast iron parts and the Kettle Joe BBQ.
  • 3 years: Electronic components, heat deflectors and pizza stones.
  • 2 years: Components (thermometer, seals, etc.) and accessories.

For full details, please refer to the Kamado Joe Warranty Guide.