Masterbuilt believes that with the right tools, anything can be mastered. That’s why they designed products to help you along your culinary journey, whether you’re a backyard BBQ novice or professional. With features such as built-in meat thermometers, automatic GravityFed™ fuel feeding systems, and Bluetooth Smart technology, perfecting slow-cooking ribs has never been easier.


If you’re a BBQ enthusiast looking for an appliance to smoke, sear, grill or roast your meat, the Masterbuilt series has everything you need.

Currently, only the Gravity Grill series is available in Quebec . This one is distinguished by the integration of several electronic components to better control the temperature and cooking your meat. In fact, each Gravity Grill series unit offers an innovative charcoal loading area that automatically feeds your BBQ based on the temperature you set with your Wi-Fi Bluetooth application. With this system, you won’t find a better device to cook your ribs to perfection. A fan is also built into the charcoal feeder to regulate the temperature at all times. These units can reach 107°C (225°F) in less than 10 minutes and 371°C (700°F) in less than 15 minutes. Therefore, they offer a wide range of temperatures for all kinds of cooking.

Besides BBQs, Masterbuilt also offers an outdoor propane fryer with thermostat control. This appliance will let you cook the best snacks your neighbours will be begging you for: fries, onion rings, calamari, chicken wings and more. Truly, with Masterbuilt appliances, the backyard quickly becomes the best place for happy hour with friends!


Gravity Grill 560

The Masterbuilt 560 grill and smoker model is the smallest unit in the Gravity Grill series. It offers a 560 in2 cooking surface divided onto two grids. The grates are porcelain coated, which extends their life. Like all Gravity series appliances, there is a digital control panel as well as an automatic gravity feed system with integrated fan. Of course, you can remotely adjust the temperature of your BBQ with Masterbuilt’s Wi-Fi Bluetooth app. With the built-in meat thermometer, you’ll be in complete control of your cooking.

Gravity Grill 800

Masterbuilt’s Gravity Grill 800 offers 800 in2 of cooking space. Like the smaller model, it comes with two porcelain-coated grates and a plate that allows you to cook more delicate foods. Its automatic gravity feed system can hold up to 10 lbs of charcoal or 16 lbs of charcoal briquettes, for up to 10 hours. Its folding side shelf saves space when not in use. Finally, it also works with the Masterbuilt app to set the temperature remotely.

Gravity Grill 1050

If you’re an avid BBQ enthusiast, the Gravity Grill 1050 will meet your needs! With a cooking space of 1,050 in2, you can easily cook and smoke up to 17 chickens or even 7 sections of ribs in one go! Its automatic gravity feed system gives you up to 8 hours of autonomy. For smaller quantities, don’t worry, the grids can be folded down to free up space, making it easier to manoeuvre your food. Of course, just like the other models, the 1050 allows you to use the Wi-Fi Bluetooth app to adjust the temperature of your grill remotely.

Propane Outdoor Fryer

The propane outdoor fryer is the ultimate accessory if you like to entertain on your patio or deck. Indeed, thanks to its thermostat control, you can cook your own fries or onion rings to accompany your burgers. In fact, this appliance also allows you to boil and steam, so you can serve steamed vegetables as an alternative to fried food at your BBQ parties. The fryer has a large basket that takes up all the space and two other smaller baskets, which each take up half the space. The appliance is easy to use with a single button that controls the ignition and sets the temperature. There is also an oil drain valve which makes cleaning quick and easy. Finally, the legs are also adjustable for easy access to food.

Wi-Fi Bluetooth application

The Masterbuilt app will allow you to keep an eye on the temperature of your grill via your phone and to remotely adjust it. With the app, you also have access to the desired smoke level and a timer that tells you when the cooking is done. You also get various recipes and tips for your Gravity Grill.

Automatic GravityFed™ System

This gravity fuel feeding system is a Masterbuilt patented system found only on the Gravity Grill series. With this system, you can store up to 10 lbs of charcoal and 16 lbs of charcoal briquettes. The Gravity Grill 560 is therefore powered for up to 12 hours and the 1050 model for up to 8 hours .

One (1) year warranty

Gravity Grill products carry a one (1) year warranty. Masterbuilt’s warranty does not cover paint finish defects that may occur during the appliance’s normal use. For all claims, Masterbuilt requires proof of purchase of the appliance (the original invoice).

During your Gravity Grill’s warranty year, Masterbuilt will replace a defective part free of charge provided that the owner of the grill in question is responsible for shipping the part. Masterbuilt may request that the part be returned for inspection before honouring its warranty for that part. Masterbuilt will in turn cover the cost of returning the claimed part. This warranty excludes any damage due to misuse, abuse, accidents, and damage in transit.

Warranty Registration

The warranty is effective at the time of original purchase and covers only the original owner of the appliance. For the warranty to be valid, you must register your appliance on the Masterbuilt website.


This warranty does not cover any damage related to abuse or use for purposes other than those intended by the original design. It also does not cover damage due to improper maintenance of the unit, to improper assembly or to damage caused by an accident or natural disaster. Any damage caused by incorrect assembly or due to modification of the appliance is not covered by the warranty. Damage that occurs during transport is excluded from the warranty. Also, this warranty does not cover minor damage due to normal use of the appliance, such as scratches, rust, dents, chipping or other changes in appearance that do not affect the performance of the grill. Masterbuilt does not recommend the use of its appliances for commercial purposes, which would void the warranty.

Purchasing a Masterbuilt product from an unauthorized retailer will void any warranty. An unauthorized retailer is a shop or any retailer who has not received permission from Masterbuilt to sell its products. All Coval retailers have this permission.