Canadian-based Dimplex is a member of the Glen Dimplex Group, based in Dublin, Ireland, a world leader in electric heating technology. Since penetrating North America in 1991, Dimplex has offered the widest variety of electric fireplaces in the world. The team of over 8,500 specialists are constantly developing technologies that have, over time, created a range of solutions for every taste and budget. No matter what your image of electric fireplaces may be, Dimplex products are sure to revolutionize all your preconceptions. Welcome to the future, welcome to Dimplex.



The strength of a group is that it makes the whole stronger than its individual parts. Dimplex, with its team of specialists from around the world, has managed to lead the way in electric fireplace innovation through constant research and development for the past 25 years. All this research has paid off in creating the most realistic electric fireplace technologies on the market. Whether it’s a steam fireplace, 3D inserts or a 100″ linear model, Dimplex has models for every style, size, and budget.

While electric fireplaces are used to heat a room, they are first and foremost products of aesthetics and ambiance. Understanding this, Dimplex continually strives to update its products with the support of construction and interior design professionals. You can therefore always add new accessories to update your decor according to your tastes.

There’s no point in designing impressive technologies if they have a short lifespan. For this reason, the entire Dimplex team worldwide uses only the highest quality materials and has rigorous quality protocols in place to ensure your satisfaction.

If safety is an important issue for you or your family, electric fireplaces are virtually harmless. They require no flammable fuel, leave no residue in the air, and produce only convection heat; the risk of burns or poisoning is virtually non-existent. This feature of electric fireplaces makes Dimplex products a more environmentally friendly solution than traditional heaters. Since they are powered by clean Quebec electrical energy, no other type of energy can achieve such environmental efficiency.

Let’s be honest, installing a wood, gas or pellet fireplace requires a much larger investment than an electric one. Basically, all homes are equipped with the energy to run Dimplex appliances. Moreover, you don’t need to install a chimney or worry about clearances around potential combustible materials. All of these constraints aside, your renovation project will be a breeze.



The Opti-V series is one of Dimplex’s most impressive achievements. It brings together all the company’s know-how to create an effect of flames and sparks that offer an unparalleled virtual fireplace experience. Ultra-realistic, it is almost impossible, at first glance, to distinguish an Opti-V from a traditional wood fireplace. With three-dimensional logs equipped with LED bulbs, this fireplace crackles and sparks periodically. In short, it’s a perfect blend of technology and optical illusion that creates the Opti-V’s most incredible flame effect ever.


Dimplex has found a way to create the most realistic and safe fire effect in the world. This is achieved by using a revolutionary ultrasonic technology that creates a water mist instead of steam. The flame is therefore safe and ultra-realistic.

Infinite designs

The Opti-myst line allows for a wide variety of designs. The 50.8 cm x 24.1 cm x 30.3 cm (20″ x 9.5″ x 12″) unit can be arranged in any way possible. The cassettes line up in a row and can also be installed in a corner. Since it is not a real fire, you can leave the flame in the open or put it behind an elegant finish. Dimplex also offers prefabricated fireboxes that make installation easy and allow you to quickly create a two-sided fireplace with glass. Finally, you can add a log set, stones, or driftwood to further customize the fireplace.

With or without heat

Although the flames do not give off energy, the Opti-myst allows for a heating system that can cover an area of 37 m2 (400 ft2 ). This allows you to enjoy a safe flame and comfortable convection heat.


Revillusion technology is a whole new way of looking at fireplaces and built-ins. Dimplex engineers have developed the patented ThruViewTM technology that allows you to see through the flames. This gives the impression of looking at a deep, realistic fire. With this innovative flame projection system, you can enjoy a relaxing, ecological, and safe show.

Realistic technology

The ThruViewTM technology creates an illusion on an invisible acrylic plate that is set in the middle of lit 3D logs. The synchronization of the projection and the play of light from the logs and ashes creates the Revillusion effect. In addition, the device adapts to the ambient light so it adjusts the brightness for optimal results in any environment.

Limitless possibilities

Revillusion technology has evolved over time and now offers several options for all projects. There are five different sizes of fireplaces, from 24″ to 42″ wide, three inserts of 23″, 24″, and 30″ wide, and two log sets of 20″ and 25″. In addition, there are three different logs (traditional, birch and fresh-cut), different styles of interior panels and many other accessories. There are plenty of options to customize your Revillusion according to your preferences and needs.


Ignite XL technology represents the continued refinement of the linear electric fireplace. Visually stunning, the Ignite XL line transforms the look of any room. The patented combination of flame and heat, the simple and flexible installation and the impeccable panoramic view ignite the senses from every angle.

Comforting flames

This series offers electric linear models with a clean look. Combined with Dimplex’s Multi-Fire XD technology, the result is bright clear flames, day or night. In addition, several colour choices are available so you can change your decor to suit your mood. If it’s cold, this linear model is not only decorative, but also equipped with a ceramic plate heating module that not only saves energy, but also provides comforting heat over an area of 93 m2 (1,000 ft2 ).

Clean design

The Ignite XL has a nearly invisible frame finish that allows the fireplace and its flame to shine through. In addition, this linear model allows for the addition of acrylic crystals, river stones or driftwood to personalize your fireplace. While the fireplace has a remote control, the Ignite XL can also be adjusted with discreet touch controls. The standard model comes in lengths of 50″, 60″, 74″ and 100″.

Flexible installation

Ignite XL fireplaces can be installed in a 2″ x 4″ wall. With an optional metal front, this is one of the few fireplaces that can be built into thin walls, allowing for increased design possibilities without the need to build complex and expensive structures.

Ignite XL Bold

The Ignite XL Bold is the latest addition to the Dimplex line. As if the product line wasn’t already at its peak, Dimplex engineers have taken the concept to the next level. The Bold model is primarily based on the Ignite XL, but has the following additional features:

  • Design allows for corner installation to obtain 1 to 3 observable sides.
  • Adding a depth layer for a remarkable 3D effect and realism.
  • The flames are now customizable for different colour themes.
  • Glass size increased to 41 cm (16″) high.
  • Available in 50″, 60″, 74″, 88″ and 100″ sizes.


Many of Dimplex’s products are covered by the best warranties available in the electric fireplace market. In the event of a defect or technical problem, the company is committed to helping you, in French or in English, through its technical support by telephone or e-mail. You can contact the company at 1-888-346-7539, Monday to Friday.

  • Two (2)-year limited warranty
  • Two (2)-year limited warranty
  • Two (2)-year limited warranty
Ignite XL
  • Two (2)-year limited warranty
  • Two (2)-year limited warranty