Morsø is one of the world’s oldest heating appliance manufacturers. With a distinctive Scandinavian style, it offers unique and efficient wood stoves that take up little space. The quality of its foundry is recognized worldwide, as are its assembly processes. With more than 160 years of experience, this Danish company has all the necessary assets to manufacture products that will last as long as their history.


The Morsø Foundry began operations in 1853, manufacturing a variety of items necessary for the daily lives of the Danish. From the design of pots and pans to funeral crosses, the factory quickly gained a reputation for the quality of its products. It was not until the turn of the last century that the company began to mass produce heating appliances for schools, churches, and especially for the royal family. In 1915, Morsø received its highest honour to date, the appointment as the official stove supplier to the Royal Danish Government.

This well-deserved accomplishment is due to the outstanding cast iron work and incredible designs. In fact, Morsø’s style can be summed up in three words: compact, elegant, and natural. Over the past century, the company has truly made its art known around the world. This has resulted in the typical Danish style: a space-saving black cast-iron appliance with timeless lines.

When unlit, a Morsø stove stands out for its elegance, but it shows its full potential when the flame is lit. This is because cast iron, when it is of the highest quality like that produced by the Danish foundry, is one of the best conductors of heat there is. This metal, unlike steel, absorbs and transfers heat quietly, which prevents the stove walls from twisting and cracking. In addition, Morsø stoves are not welded, but riveted with ceramic gaskets for an unparalleled seal. Finally, in addition to offering comfortable heat and unparalleled durability, cast iron accumulates heat and provides hours of warmth, even after the fire has gone out.

This efficiency is one of Morsø’s priorities. Many years of research into the properties of cast iron have paid off and allowed Morsø to develop environmental expertise that is deeply integrated into the construction of each stove. Today, Morsø’s wood-burning stoves are among the most efficient in the world and meet the highest particulate emission standards in all major European and American countries. In the end, with a stove that burns almost all of its fuel to heat your home, you contribute to the carbon cycle, which plays a fundamental role in preserving our planet.


Morsø’s 1400 Series is a good representation of what small, cozy stoves should look like. With a heating capacity of up to 93 m2 1,000 ft2 , these compact stoves are amazing. Accommodating 12″ logs, these rectangular legged units generate an impressive 30,000 BTU/hr. EPA certified, the combustion technology of these classic stoves has been developed to reduce airborne particles to a minimum.

Despite all the technical developments, some details remain timeless, including the sign of quality. The cast iron squirrel, the traditional symbol of Morsø stoves, can be found on the sides. The appliance is thus embellished with a characterful element that will delight everyone.

The 2B series is a tribute to the Morsø tradition. It was created in the 1930s, and after decades of existence, it is still a favourite of many stove and fireplace enthusiasts. With Morsø’s well-known decorative squirrel, this small stove with a majestic flair is perfect for older homes and rustic styles. Of course, it has been completely updated to meet today’s strict environmental requirements. You can easily heat a 1,200 ft (111.5 m2 ) area with 18″ logs, knowing it meets the highest environmental standards.

The Morsø 3100 Series incorporates the best of the brand’s classic rectangular design, but with the latest innovations in combustion. With a simpler style than the 1400 Series, the 3100 has a larger glass window for a wider view of the flames. These units are suitable for spaces ranging from 93 m2 (1,000 ft.2 ) to 111.5 m2 (1,200 ft. 2) with an output of 30,000 and 35,000 BTU/hr, respectively. They are also equipped with a grate and ash pan for easy stove cleaning.

The Morsø 6100 series has brought the company into the 21st century with its design. The three round stoves break with tradition with a modern, clean style, while retaining the advantages that are the characteristic of the Danish brand. Thanks to the process of creating curved cast-iron stoves, the smooth and flowing lines give a stunning chic to this series. The large panoramic glass window allows a great view of the fire, which will charm you as you comfortably sit in front of the stove to relax.

The stove’s unique combustion system ensures a higher temperature and provides 30,000 BTU/hr of power, despite the small firebox. From an environmental standpoint, the Morsø 6100 Series has a net efficiency of 80.1% with almost no smoke emissions.


Behind every Morsø stove is more than 160 years of experience in stove design and manufacture. In addition, quality control has always been at the heart of the production process, with detailed measures in place at all key stages of manufacture.

Accordingly, Morsø offers a ten (10) year warranty against manufacturing defects in any of the major exterior stove parts.

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