Piazzetta’s history is one of passion, paved by the constant search for innovation. The company bases its know-how on the manufacture of refined materials and the development of cutting-edge technologies. In fact, its Italian pellet heating products demonstrate an attention to detail and comfort that will transform any space. Piazzetta is the true expression of European refinement, dedicated to reaching the greatest heights throughout the world.


Founded in 1960 by Domenico Piazzetta, this Venetian company, established at the foot of the Asolo hills, is today a complete manufacturing centre that stands out worldwide with, among other things, research and development laboratories, a production site, a logistics department, and administrative offices in the same location.

In addition to the rich background of values passed down from generation to generation, what is the basis of Piazzetta’s reputation in the heating industry? There are four areas in which Piazzetta excels: design, manufacturing of unique materials, the environment and technological development.

Functionality, reliability, and efficiency are the essence of Piazzetta pellet appliances. Whether it’s with Multifuoco or its remote control mobile application, its research and development department creates ever more advanced technological solutions with the aim of achieving maximum comfort, in complete safety.

These same technologies are also tested from an environmental point of view. Behind each product there are extensive laboratory tests designed to guarantee performance that respects the environmental balance by limiting consumption and using resources sustainably. The maximum attention paid to the choice of materials and technological solutions used in the manufacturing process has led to the award of numerous certifications by the most important institutes.

Finally, the element that makes Piazzetta appliances objects of desire throughout the world is the company’s specialization in the manufacture of ceramic panels. This traditional art in which it is a master is called faience.

Designed to last and to be admired, the ceramic panels of Piazzetta stoves and fireplaces are the design element that makes these appliances stand out from all others. This is the Italian definition of aesthetics and the symbol of fineness. Today, Piazzetta is the largest earthenware manufacturer in Europe.



Piazzetta pellet stoves are safe and long-lasting. The steel monoblocks, pellet tank and cast-iron door offer exceptional strength and durability. In addition, Piazzetta pellet stoves are equipped with a blower that projects convection air and distributes heat more quickly and efficiently throughout the room. Compact, elegant, and easy to use, Italian pellet stoves are without a doubt among the gems of heating appliances.


Small 36,000 BTU pellet stove with forced ventilation. Painted steel cladding and Majolica top. Standard rear or optional left side outlet. Digital control panel with programming options. Mobile application module and optional remote control.


45,000 BTU pellet stove with forced ventilation. Painted steel cladding and Majolica top. Standard rear or optional left side outlet. Digital control panel with programming options. Mobile application module and optional remote control.


9″ deep pellet stove with night mode for quiet operation. Offers 37,000 BTUs of power with multiple venting options (rear, side, top). Steel cladding with Majolica top. Digital control panel with programming options. Module for mobile application and remote control.

Trend line

Trend Line is the ultramodern range of stoves designed to offer the best Piazzetta quality. With its 31,500 BTU of power and cutting-edge features, these devices offer high performance, ease of use and reasonable money savings. Modern and practical solutions in a design with clean lines that give a chic to every room in which they are.


Patented Multifuoco system and forced ventilation

Forced-air pellet stoves have a tangential fan that forces convection air currents, so that the heat stored in the internal heat exchanger is released into the room faster and more efficiently. A sophisticated electronic board continuously controls the hot air ventilation levels according to the stove’s output and the desired room temperature.

Multifuoco is a patented system developed by technicians at the Piazzetta research and development laboratory. It has been tested by researchers at the Institute of Technical Physics of the University of Padua, Italy. Thanks to this system, the heat is distributed throughout the room, from bottom to top, thanks to natural convection movements, thus exceeding the performance of traditional heating systems.

Heat Transfer System

Pellet stoves that include forced ventilation or the Multifuoco system in their options have the ability to transport warm air to other rooms, horizontally or vertically. Heat distribution is further enhanced by multiple flow-controlled vents in other rooms. Easy ducting creates a versatile heating system in adjacent rooms up to 52 ½ feet (16 m) from the unit.

Quiet Night Mode

The night mode switches from forced ventilation to natural convection heating, which triggers the natural movement of air by exploiting temperature differences in the room. In this way, the heat is distributed more gradually and very quietly.

Programming and Mobile Application

Starts and stops can be easily programmed by remote control or using the Piazzetta mobile app. In fact, Piazzetta pellet stoves offer the ability to be managed and monitored from the mobile app when you are away from home.

The things you can do comfortably with a remote control don’t stop there. For example, with the Multicomfort function, you can measure the temperature in each room and adjust the operation of your stove until the desired temperature is reached in each location.

Gruppo Piazzetta S.P.A. (hereinafter referred to as “Gruppo Piazzetta”) provides a warranty on all products marketed under the PIAZZETTA brand name and professionally installed by authorized personnel within North America, subject to the limitations set forth below.

Five (5)-year limited warranty
  • 5 years: stove structure
  • 2 years: original electrical components, glass, ceramic, handle, and lock
  • 1 year or 3,800 hours of use: parts that may suffer premature wear (burner, baffles, or seals)
  • 6 months: original and new parts that have been replaced by authorized personnel
  • Any parts found to be defective due to negligence or misuse, improper maintenance or installation, damage in transit, or circumstances that cannot be attributed to manufacturing defects are not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty is not valid if the defects are the result of a failure to comply with all the instructions in the operating and maintenance manuals.
  • The warranty is not valid if the product has been altered or used improperly or if non-original replacement parts are used.
  • Electrical and electronic component failures are not covered by the warranty in the event of voltage variations other than the rated voltage, electrical connections that do not comply with regulations, natural disasters including, but not limited to, electrical discharges, lightning.
  • The warranty does not cover elements deemed natural to the materials or treatments performed during the manufacturing process for ceramic or steel.