Pizza oven Koda 2 Max – Ooni

Pizza oven Koda 2 Max – Ooni

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First and foremost, this oven is BIG. With its supersized 24” cooking area, the Koda 2 Max is Ooni’s largest oven yet, capable of cooking 20” New York-style pies, multiple pizzas at a time, or even an entire meal. Two independently controlled cooking zones allow for side-by-side cooking at a range of temperatures. Imagine cooking a deep dish pizza on one side while firing a 60-second Neapolitan pizza on the other, or searing steaks on the left while flame-cooking veggies on the right.

The Koda 2 Max packs our most advanced gas fuel system yet. The Ooni G2 Gas Technology™ offers high energy efficiency and produces incredibly even heat across the oven. It creates a unique tapered flame and features two dedicated dials for precision temperature control.

The Koda 2 Max also sports the all-new Digital Temperature Hub. It provides readings from various spots throughout the oven, so you know exactly when it’s time to cook. The hub also includes two temperature probes for checking roasting meats, and you can even connect to the hub via Bluetooth to monitor temperatures while you prep.

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