New product

The new Kōjin 50

A linear vision of the flame

By Coval’s team

| September 29, 2023

The Archgard family is now complete with the arrival of the new Kōjin linear fireplace. Of Japanese origin, its name evokes a god of the fire, hearth and kitchen who, embodying a controlled and goal-oriented fire, is supposed to destroy all impurity. The Kōjin 50 will be the absolute eye-catcher in the room. Discover this new linear vision of the flame!


For the design, they found inspiration in a Japanese Zen garden. With straight lines that guide the eye through the landscape and wavy ones that create a flow through the garden, the new Archgard fireplace perfectly reflects this relationship between form and function. Experience their famous panoramic flame in a format never seen before.

This direct vent fireplace is perfect for medium-sized installations. Its wall-mounted remote control, supplied with all Archgard units, allows you to control all aspects of the heat from the place of your choice. Its many options will make your Kōjin the centrepiece of your home. Indeed, you can customize your fireplace with 4 different panel styles, 5 types of logs or 6 kinds of glass and rocks. Mix and match these options to create the perfect new gathering place.


With Archgard’s Intelligent Heat Exchange and Air Transfer (IHeat) system, you can direct the heat from your appliance where you need it most in your home. It also creates a cool zone above the fireplace to add an electrical device, like a television, or a piece of art that is sensitive to heat.


  • 38”of famous wall-to-wall vision of the flame
  • Unique combustion chamber design featuring sloped top panels for improved look and radiant heat
  • 33 000 BTU (LP) of power
  • Includes interior accent light
  • Compatible with Archgard’s IHeat system
  • Includes two fans for improved convection heat distribution

The Kōjin 50 has a suggested retail price of $5499. It’s available for orders. Visit your Archgard retailer for more information.


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