Top-level meeting

Coval & Urban Hearth

Two families join forces

By Geneviève Garneau

| September 28, 2023

This summer, Coval received a visit from Urban Hearth, an Ontario company that recently joined us through an acquisition. The purpose of this meeting was to share our ways of working, in addition to having the chance to meet all the team members and visit the offices and warehouses.


Based in Perth, Ontario, Urban Hearth has been igniting Ontario’s homes since 2004, while offering an unrivalled in-store customer experience. The company represents several brands of barbecues and auxiliary heating products in its territory, including Jotul, Kozy Heat, Twin Eagles and Delta Heat.

“Coval will continue to be involved in the development of Urban Hearth to showcase what the company already does best, in accordance with our shared values,” says Jean-François Fauteux, president of Coval.

Like Coval, Urban Hearth is a family business with great potential. The association between them will elevate the two distinct companies while expanding the catalogue of products and dealers.

The Course of the Day

As soon as Urban Hearth arrived at our head office, the staff was given a tour of the premises to meet everyone. After a tour of the warehouse, all members were invited outside for a barbecue, during which our president cooked on a Louisiana Grills’ Black Label. Afterwards, it was a time for some meetings between departments. Indeed, each person from Urban Hearth got to know their counterpart at Coval.

“We want to create demand for our products and gain recognition in our industry,” says Phil Machon, general manager at Urban Hearth, during a departmental meeting.

Before Urban Hearth’s departure, we took a group photo to mark this memorable visit. A picture of Jean-François Fauteux, president of Coval, with Phil Machon, general manager of Urban Hearth, was also taken to celebrate this new association.

A shared vision is now taking root between these two companies. This association does not only enlarge Coval’s family, but also the number of dealers, enabling the acquisition of more business partners.


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