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9 good reasons to choose a gas fireplace for your home

By Coval’s Team

| February 3, 2023

Gas fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Indeed, they offer you the warmth, the comfort and the atmosphere that you expect from a fireplace and many other advantages. Here are nine that will make you want to invest in a gas fireplace even more!


A gas fireplace is easier to use than a wood fireplace. You don’t need to buy and store wood. They are incredibly easy to start at the push of a button or switch! In fact, you do not need matches or lighters as you would with traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Plus, you’re just a phone call away from having your gas tank refilled. The latter also does not occupy a lot of space on your property. If you have a gas stove, the tank can even be used by both appliances.


Gas fireplaces do not produce sparks. So you don’t have to worry about embers blowing away or smoke entering your living space if you leave the unit unattended. Also, you can’t use them when they’re open, because there’s no door. Finally, the glass incorporates a safety screen which prevents major burns in the event of direct contact by accident.

“Natural gas or propane heaters don’t usually require sweeping, but you should have them inspected annually. It may be necessary to have them swept if you notice a buildup of creosote.” [1]


Gas fireplaces are generally affordable when it comes to fuel consumption. Typically, a fireplace producing 50,000 BTUs for two hours will consume 3.79 L (1 gal) of gas. Since most fireplaces operate at 30,000 BTUs or less, it will cost you less than $3 [2] to heat your home for two hours and enjoy the beauty of the flames.


When selecting a gas fireplace for your home, look for models with high efficiency ratings. This can help save money on energy bills while reducing the environmental impact of heating. Additionally, some models come with additional features such as remote controls or thermostats that allow users to adjust settings to ensure maximum efficiency.

What is the efficiency of a gas fireplace? [3]

«The CSA P.4 test tells you an annual efficiency percentage that is established by measuring the amount of heat produced that is not lost in the vent. The best performing devices are usually between 50% and 70%. For example, a P.4 efficiency of 75% would indicate that ¼ of the energy produced is lost outside.»


Gas fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits perfectly into any room. From compact models for small spaces to larger ones for wide and high rooms. Most quality models offer options to transfer heat to other rooms and a host of customization to match it to your tastes. From traditional designs to modern looks, gas fireplaces come in all kinds of styles, so you can easily find one that matches your decor perfectly!


Unlike wood fireplaces, there is no ash that can be produced by gas fireplaces, so you will have less dust in your home. They also require less maintenance overall. Since you don’t have solid fuel to store, you won’t have any wood residue to clean up inside your home.

Example of the Archgard heat transfer system

Example of an almost invisible safety screen integrated into gas fireplaces – Nordik 34 by Kozy Heat

Example of an EnerGuide sticker found on fireplaces as well as in user manuals


A gas fireplace provides instant heat without having to wait too long for it to heat up, making it ideal for those cold winter days or nights when you just want a little extra warmth in the room fast! Plus, most come with adjustable fans to speed up the heat circulation process and ensure you’re comfortable in even the farthest corners of the room.


Gas fireplaces don’t produce ash like wood-burning fireplaces, which makes them ideal if someone in your family has dust allergies or asthma, as they won’t be affected by the smoke. Gas systems are well suited for cities because they won’t cause smog if many households need heating at the same time.


High-quality gas fireplaces are built to last thanks to their sturdy construction and the thickness of the steel used by the manufacturers. This means that once you buy one, it will provide you with years of reliable service with minimal maintenance required!

Investing in a gas fireplace is a great way to add value to your home while saving money. Not only do they provide instant warmth and ambiance, but they are also safe and easy to use with their convenient features. So if you’re looking for an efficient and comfortable way to warm up your living space this winter, investing in a gas fireplace might be just what you need!


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