Town & Country stands for the conviction to create impressive, realistic, and technological fireplaces that meet the needs of all designs, whether traditional or ambitious. This Canadian company specializes in sleek, decorative gas fireplaces. Handcrafted with the latest technology, these highly customizable masterpieces are a great fit for the most elegant homes.


Town & Country, a division of Pacific Energy, one of the world’s leading heating companies, was founded in 1978 in British Columbia. Aimed at a market that values architecture and technology, the company has developed an expertise in the luxury gas fireplace market. It has become a master of the clean face fireplace. In doing so, it has challenged the belief that a gas fireplace can never be as realistic as a wood-burning appliance.

To achieve this ambitious goal, each Town & Country appliance is handcrafted with the highest quality materials. In addition, the company offers a wide range of customization options that allow for seamless integration into any setting. Thanks to the anti-glare glass that makes it almost invisible, the viewer will have the almost real impression of watching a fire in an open hearth. With silent electric fans gently pushing convection heat, the flames are harmoniously highlighted while providing comfort and warmth. The result is the ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace, with all the advantages of a gas burner.

Aesthetics and realism are not the only strengths of Town & Country appliances. The Canadian company incorporates smart technologies into all of its appliances to facilitate installation and the user experience. These innovations are designed for both the architect in the creative process and the user who will benefit from the product. For example, all fireplaces are built to accommodate the Town & Country mechanized venting system. This system offers endless possibilities for positioning the appliance in the home, without the restrictions imposed by a traditional chimney. It goes without saying that the addition of all these details makes Town & Country fireplaces stand out from the crowd and establishes this company in the prestigious category of luxury products.


A show without obstruction

Town & Country appliances feature a clean face design. In other words, the outer edges of the fireplaces are perfectly aligned with the finishing materials. This leaves the flames in full view, and the viewer’s field of vision is completely unobstructed. To keep this transparency to a maximum, the company has developed a state-of-the-art safety screen: the Micromesh. This screen, integrated into the glass, is so thin that it is almost invisible to the naked eye, and provides protection for everyone without obstructing the view of the flames.

A solid construction

The cabinets are handmade and seamlessly welded for superior strength. In addition, they are made with more steel than the competition, which makes the fireplaces heavier. This means that the walls will not warp under the effect of heat. As a result, the noises and crackling that we usually associate with heating appliances are non-existent.

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The Design-a-Fire system

Town & Country fireplaces were designed to be a fundamental element in the design of a room. No doubt, they can be adapted to any decor, especially the most innovative ones, thanks to the Design-a-Fire system. This extraordinary concept gives architects and interior designers all the freedom they need to realize their ideas. In addition, the interchangeable elements allow you to change the style of your home whenever you want without having to buy another unit.

You have the choice to combine all the elements you like to create the luxury gas fireplace that best suits your style. Town & Country also offers two-sided models and outdoor appliances. The offer in a nutshell:

  • 15 fireplaces
  • 13 burner styles
  • 9 choices of interior decorative panels
Mechanized evacuation

One of the most striking advantages of Town & Country appliances is the mechanized venting system. This technology, for which the Canadian company is renowned, is the solution to many of the problems that architects and designers experience when creating a bold decor that incorporates a fireplace. With this mechanism, a fireplace can be installed up to 35.5 m (110 ft.) from an exterior wall. In fact, thanks to a powerful ducting and blower system, a Town & Country fireplace can be vented at multiple angles and over long distances to match the design of the room. The installation possibilities are almost endless. In addition, the flat wall termination can easily be painted to match the exterior cladding, making it inconspicuous.

Automation and remote control

Town & Country has thought about techies who like to control their home appliances from their phones. The company has created the TC Fire app, which allows you to control your home without using the remote. Simply connect the device to your central home automation system to access the following options, no matter where you are:

  • Ignition
  • Flame power
  • Lights
  • And more


Town & Country’s Architect Series is the latest innovation in luxury. The brand’s engineers have developed the most sophisticated line of luxury gas fireplaces in Canada. The company is pushing the boundaries of performance and aesthetics to a new level.

Design without limits

This series has been designed to offer all possibilities to architects and interior designers. First of all, these fireplaces do not require any clearance around combustible materials. In addition, the hot air exhaust system ensures that the surface above the fireplace is always cool. This allows you to hang a piece of art or a giant screen without risking any damage to it.

That said, what makes this series so appealing is its design flexibility. This fireplace is entirely modular to adapt to all creative needs. It offers seven (7) possible configurations (peninsula, corner, panorama, etc.), six (6) glass lengths (from 91 cm [36 in.] to 244 cm [96 in.]) and three (3) glass heights (41 cm [16 in.], 61 cm [24 in.] and 81 cm [32 in.]). In addition, the Architect Series fireplaces can support up to 907 kg (2000 lbs) without any visible structure.

Finally, for a personal touch, Town & Country offers three (3) styles of decorative panels that highlight the flames: titanium, black and black reflective glass, for a flamboyant show.

The art of the show

Each Architect Series fireplace is rated at 16,000 BTUs per foot length. The result is an impressive flame with each ignition along the entire length of the unit. Because the firebox is narrow, the flames are intensely reflected on the decorative panels for a striking effect.

Plus, you can choose any colour from the LED spectrum to customize your ambiance. Each fireplace has a light panel under the burner that transforms the flames to suit your mood.


The only question left to answer is how to control all that power. To make it easier to use, Town & Country engineers have designed a touchscreen interface that can be linked to your home’s automation system. This control device makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the fireplace, the colour of the LED lights and much more.

Finally, the fireplace is equipped with a self-regulating system that continuously adjusts the power of the fans so that the glass temperature remains safe at all times. Users can enjoy the space in front of the fireplace without worrying about bumping into it.


Town & Country is committed to providing a gas fireplace that will last a lifetime. That’s why all appliances come with a limited lifetime warranty for the original purchaser.

First two (2) years

For two years after purchase, Town & Country will replace or repair any defective part at its expense, including labour.

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty effective on the date of original purchase includes repair or replacement of defective parts including:

  • Ceramic glass, only in case of thermal shock
  • The combustion chamber
  • The burner tube
  • The porcelain finish

For all terms and exclusions, please consult the manufacturer’s website or user manual.