Archgard is a Canadian company located in Mission, British Columbia. Manufacturing fireplaces for over 30 years, their sole purpose is to transmit their passion for heating spaces to families here and abroad. This same passion has generated, over the years, the know-how necessary to build each appliance it offers. When you buy an Archgard fireplace, you can count on uncompromising quality, meticulous design and reliability that will keep you and your home warm for years to come.


All Archgard fireplaces are manufactured in North America to the highest quality standards. This is because the company is committed to supporting the local economy and ensuring its customers receive their expected and deserved products. The approach is clear:

“We don’t want to rush a product to market unless we are fully confident that it meets our high standards.”. – Archgard Fireplaces

These standards focus on design, service, and energy efficiency. Archgard ensures that its products are easy to install, fabulous to watch, and built to last with high-quality construction and components. The company offers a wide range of customizable elements and appliances. Archgard promises to find the perfect focal point for your home, from fireplaces to inserts and masonry heaters.

What’s more, it’s safe to say that Archgard fireplaces are built to last. The company is so confident in its products that it offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its manufactured appliances so that you can use yours with confidence.

Finally, the third value that is particularly important to Archgard is preserving the environment. These Canadian appliances are among the most energy-efficient while saving you money through efficient energy consumption. More heat to warm your family, less fuel to waste. Built to stand the test of time, an Archgard fireplace will pay for itself over its lifetime.



It is important that the things that matter in our lives are like us and have the same energy. Archgard products are customizable, so your taste will be fully satisfied. What’s more, they are meticulously made so that you can enjoy them worry-free.

  • Archgard appliances offer a wide range of different styles to match your most ambitious designs. The following are the customization options available:
    • Traditional logs or crushed glass
    • Decorative panels in brick, stone, glass, etc.
    • Single or double doors
    • And much more!
Wall-to-wall flame
  • Archgard makes sure that the fire is distributed from one side of your appliance to the other to achieve a realistic and attractive flame. It is out of the question that the fire is only in the middle of the combustion chamber due to miscalculation of the gas flow. The Archgard Wall-to-Wall burner ensures that the gas reaches the ends of the firebox to give you a powerful fire that is well distributed throughout the appliance.
  • Have you ever heard fireplaces making loud thumping noises? A sort of “bang”? These noises are caused by the metal of the fireplace bending under the pressure of the heat. Over time, these deformations damage the fireplace and become annoying.
  • Archgard has found an ingenious solution to this problem. Its secret? They riveted all the panels of the fireplace to seals. This gives the firebox plenty of room to work without twisting. The beauty of this approach is that it avoids the need for expensive full-scale welds and silicone sealants, which give off odorous fumes and dirty the interior of your fireplace. This way you can enjoy your fireplace for a long time to come.


Archgard is committed to your satisfaction and safety. That’s why they build reliable appliances that fit the reality of Canadians. Fireplaces are not just about beauty. With our winters, they must also serve as an efficient heating system.

I.H.E.A.T. System
  • The Intelligent Heat Exchange and Air Transfer, or I.H.E.A.T. system, allows you to transfer the convection heat from select Archgard models anywhere you want. Whether in the room where the fireplace is located or even upstairs, you can direct the convection heat from your fireplace up to 30 feet away.
  • The I.H.E.A.T. system also allows you to create a cool zone above your fireplace. This means that less distance is needed between the appliance and heat-sensitive materials, such as a television or artwork.
Continuous PILOT on Demand
  • This system allows you to go about your business without worrying about the nightlight. Whether you’re travelling or away, the nightlight will automatically turn off after 7 days until your next use. To reset the 7-day timer, simply turn on your fireplace. This saves gas and reduces your environmental footprint.
Dynamic Ignition
  • This system starts the fire slowly and feeds it as soon as the airflow is established. This ensures a more reliable start, reduces condensation in the glass door and reduces the metallic noise common to other gas fires. With our harsh winters, this type of system allows the fireplace to operate in all conditions.


The Brigantia range is one that suits modern environments where the fire’s elegance is the central attraction. Like a work of art depicting a portrait or landscape, this set of gas products offers the simple, elegant lines your room needs.

  • Brigantia 24: portrait fireplace (86 cm H x 66 cm W/34 in H x 26 in W)
  • Brigantia 35: narrow width linear fireplace (86 cm H x 107 cm W/34″ H x 42″ W)
  • Brigantia 57: full width linear fireplace (86 cm H x 168 cm W/34 in H x 66 in W)

The Brigantia design is based on a modern-style fireplace with sleek lines and clean contours. The full-size flames are presented on a black reflective glass panel which gives them infinite depth.

The rectangular contours are available in various combinations of mat black and nickel, giving instant elegance to the prominent flames.


Besides the style, what makes this product range so interesting is its engineering. After all, modern, sleek design also means limited space and installation limitations. Fortunately, the specialists at Archgard have ensured that the Brigantia models are slim and compact. They can therefore be installed in a narrow wall without requiring complex construction. They can also be installed directly on an exterior wall thanks to their direct exhaust system.


Archgard offers a product that stands out in the stove and fireplace industry. It is the Salzburg XL. The special feature of this unusual stove is that it focuses on heat storage. This means that masonry heaters have moved into the 21e century.

Powerstone Block

The Powerstone block is a unique product that absorbs and stores heat and redistributes it evenly over long periods. Once the fire is out, the heat distribution continues according to the mass of the fireplace. This gives you comfortable radiant heat without additional fuel.

Simple Assembly

The innovative Salzburg XL is built in sections. Unlike the traditional masonry heater, the Archgard heater is built row by row. This makes it easy to install and allows you to easily add more or less mass to store heat.


This masonry heater has also been designed with style in mind. In addition to the different heights, you can choose between three fronts for your Salzburg XL.


Archgard offers a limited lifetime warranty on its gas and wood burning products. Archgard warrants to the original purchaser that the product is free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for the product’s life.

Gas products

Inclusion in the Limited Lifetime Warranty :

  • Heat exchangers, combustion chamber, tubular, or panoramic burner
  • Logs and decorative panels, against splitting and cracking
  • Glass-ceramic, against thermal breakage

Included in the 5-year warranty:

  • FiberFlame burner and ceramic ember bed
  • Frame, moulding or accessories in 24K gold, against tarnishing
  • Frame, moulding or accessories, against tarnishing or paint defects

Included in the 1 year warranty :

  • Fans, fan motors, wiring, thermodiscs, and rheostats
  • Switches and wiring
  • All components related to the operation of the gas inlet (valves, pilot light, thermopiles, etc.)

Note: Discolouration and minor movement of some parts are normal and not a defect and are therefore not covered by the warranty. See manual for full details.

Wood products

Inclusion in the Limited Lifetime Warranty :

  • Combustion chamber and air tubes, against deformation
  • Glass-ceramic, against thermal breakage
Included in the 1 year warranty :
  • Fans, fan motors, wiring, thermodiscs and rheostats
  • Ceramic fibre deflector
  • Frame, moulding or accessories in 24K gold, against manufacturing defects
  • Door hardware, paint, seals, bricks, and mouldings
  • Switch and wiring

Note: Discolouration and minor movement of some parts are normal and not a defect and are therefore not covered by the warranty. See manual for full details.

Accumulating fireplace

Salzburg XL

Gas stove

Optima 45