Kozy Heat is the brand of fireplaces for people who want a unit that will get the job done, whatever the conditions. They are maintenance free and long-lasting. These fireplaces use the technologies that you need for an experience that lives up to your expectations. Customize your flames, temperature, and brightness with a remote control. Kozy Heat’s range of fireplaces can fit into a variety of settings and will impress your guests. In other words, it’s just what you need for years of easy and enjoyable use.


The first two words to think of when you hear Kozy Heat are ‘efficiency’ and ‘reliability’. The reason this brand of fireplaces is so remarkable is that it makes incredibly reliable appliances that meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

This family-owned Minnesota company has simply made units that look great with the most sought-after technologies in the industry. Kozy Heat’s goal is to offer you competitive prices that will meet the most realistic budgets and your high-end standards.

While some fireplaces are made for ambiance and others are made for heating, since 1976 Kozy Heat appliances have been the perfect balance between the two. The company makes fireplaces that provide efficient heating for your home, but also ambient technologies found in luxury decorative fireplaces. Finally, the customization options allow you to match your unit to your taste and décor.

One might ask, “What is Kozy Heat’s secret to making fireplaces that offer so much at such competitive prices?” The answer is simple. Efficiency and a desire to offer a durable product. Indeed, the American company develops simple, well-designed products that are easy to install and maintain. They choose quality parts and reliable materials that have proven themselves. This way, they can provide one of the best warranties on the market, all backed by an after-sales service that takes customer satisfaction to heart.



Kozy Heat makes fireplaces for every home and every need. The company has specialized in gas appliances since its inception but has recently created a range of electric fireplaces. Each of the series manufactured offers a range of Kozy Heat benefits.

You can also check out the Kozy Heat app that guides you in selecting a fireplace or insert.

Gas fireplaces
  • Kozy Heat’s range of direct vent fireplaces includes square units, such as the Bayport series, and rectangular units, such as the brand new Bellingham. For those who like linear fireplaces, there is the impressive Callaway series, which is made up of fireplaces from 40″ to 72″. Of course, there are many other models with varying functions and power ratings to suit different needs and budgets.
Gas Inserts
  • Gas fireplaces are a perfect replacement for the old masonry fireplaces, which often produce a lot of smoke particles and require a lot of maintenance. Kozy Heat offers two easy-to-use series: the well-known Chaska model and the brand new Roosevelt with its birch logs.
Gas Stoves
  • For those who prefer the classic freestanding style such as a unit on legs with a prominent chimney, Kozy Heat reinvents the stove with the Birchwood and Oakport. Both models use direct vent technology to enjoy a traditional heater with all the benefits of gas, such as electronic ignition with a remote control.
Electric Fireplaces
  • A recent addition to Kozy Heat’s offering, electric fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular for their ease of installation and safe operation. As a master of both, the company has used all its expertise to create the Osseo series, a built-in linear fireplace model of 115 cm (45 in) or 152 cm (60 in).


Kozy Heat has a wide selection of fireplaces that vary in style and size. Each creation is completed with a choice of quality finishes. You can choose from interior panels that will do justice to your flames, realistic and beautiful ceramic logs, with or without fire, and fronts that will complement your decor.

Also, most Kozy Heat fireplaces come with a luxury ambiance kit that includes variable lights, a fan with multiple intensities for ideal temperature, and adjustable flames at different power levels and heights. All of this can be adjusted at your fingertips, with a full function remote control making it easy to set your comfort level.


Kozy Heat is always on the lookout for the latest technology to meet your needs. In fact, the company now offers, for most of its new models, heat redirection options, which are becoming increasingly popular in Quebec homes. Kozy Heat calls this the Komfort Zone Kit. This feature allows you to redirect the convection heat from the fireplace into your room, to other areas of your home or simply outside.

There are two benefits to this innovation. Firstly, it creates a cool zone above the fireplace. This makes it safe to place a television or artwork much closer to the top of your appliance. Secondly, it allows the heat from your fireplace to be distributed evenly across different rooms in your home. In fact, you can turn your Kozy Heat into a decorative fireplace with this option. That is, you can have very large flames in your appliance without overheating your room.

Finally, Kozy Heat fireplaces are also known to have some of the most permissive venting restrictions. In summary, if you are having difficulty finding a fireplace that fits with your renovation project due to venting issues, Kozy Heat may be the solution to your problem. Ask your specialist for more information.


Kozy Heat offers a limited lifetime warranty on the majority of its most popular gas products. The company guarantees that the appliance is free from defects in materials and workmanship from the date of purchase for the original purchaser*.

30 days: parts and labour**
  • Paint
  • Lamp bulbs
  • Seals
  • Glass embers and embers tray
1 year: parts and labour

All parts and materials, except those specified in the 30-day warranty and any applicable exclusions or limitations.

  • Paint
  • Lamp bulbs
  • Seals
  • Glass embers and embers tray
Lifetime warranty: parts only
  • Combustion chamber
  • Heat exchanger
  • Logs
  • Burner tubes (or tray)
  • External housing (firebox)
  • Heat shield(s)
  • Front glass panel (thermal shock only)
  • Internal refractory panels (except enamel or glass panels)

* Please refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for all conditions and exclusions.

** Kozy Heat will issue a labour refund to the authorized dealer only. Kozy Heat will not be responsible for any costs incurred from work performed by an unauthorized service provider.

Electric fireplaces

Kozy Heat warrants its electric fireplaces for parts only, for a period of one (1) year (twelve [12] months) from the date of original purchase for the original owner.

In the case of a new home, the warranty shall begin on the date of first occupancy of the home or six (6) months after the sale of the product by an authorized independent Kozy Heat dealer or distributor, whichever occurs first. However, the warranty shall not begin later than twelve (12) months after the date of occupancy.

This warranty covers only Kozy Heat fireplaces purchased from an authorized dealer or distributor. Please refer to the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website for all conditions and exclusions.