Jøtul is one of the world’s oldest manufacturers of heating appliances. As a world leader in cast iron wood and gas stoves, this Norwegian company designs and manufactures appliances that span generations. In more than 160 years of existence, the company has acquired unparalleled expertise in the art of cast iron work. In more than 40 countries, the most demanding and discerning customers trust Jøtul.


With a long-standing history also comes a rich history of craftsmanship. What is the secret of Jøtul’s longevity? Constant questioning and a deep desire to be the leader in heating appliances.

To achieve this, the Scandinavian company has developed a range of timelessly stylish appliances that blend seamlessly into both classic and contemporary decors. Staying true to its heritage and what it is known for, Jøtul impresses with an aesthetic revival that appeals to the most discerning design critics. At the heart of its philosophy is the fundamental belief that the form must above all adapt to function.

When it comes to function and mastering winter, Jøtul’s engineers have mastered it with cast iron. This seemingly simple material stores an incredible amount of heat; that characteristic radiant warmth that gently warms and comforts. But not all cast iron is of the same quality. Over the years, Jøtul has perfected its age-old technique and is now a world leader in the art. Passed down through the generations, there are still functional Jøtul stoves from another era.



For over 160 years, Jøtul has been manufacturing some of the most contemporary and modern looking appliances in the industry. But how do you stand out in such a competitive environment? Jøtul has successfully integrated its traditional heritage with innovative and functional designs. And it’s not afraid to explore designs that others would never have thought possible.

The Legacy
  • With iconic stoves such as the F602 and Oslo F500, Jøtul brings its classics up to date. Traditional in appearance and embellished with fine details, the stoves offer what you would expect from an exceptional cast iron appliance.
The Revival
  • In order to renew its range of appliances, Jøtul also offers versions with enamel, a technique perfectly mastered by the Norwegian company’s engineers. The variety of colours offered and the brilliance of the final result open up a world of possibilities when designing your spaces.
Thinking Outside the Box
  • Jøtul could have simply offered products with a traditional style. But that’s not part of its vision. Instead, it has dared to create styles of appliances never before seen. Three-sided stoves, atypical shapes and refined aesthetics, these attributes make each stove unique and creative. The GF370 is part of the contemporary gas stove line, and it is this boldness that allows Jøtul to position itself in the most modern and cutting edge living spaces.


If you take the time to look at Jøtul’s work of art, you realize that the exterior is only a small part of the company’s immense expertise. For years, they have been reinventing conventions with technology that exceeds the highest standards.

Fusion Technology
  • Fusion technology is Jøtul’s answer to the new EPA 2020 standard. In fact, its advance was so revolutionary that the industry’s regulatory framework had to be revised to accommodate their finding. The fusion concept, as the name suggests, is to create a hybrid catalytic device. Indeed, it is the only catalytic technology that does not require human intervention to operate. The filter is therefore always active and perfectly used. Its life span can reach 20 years. Never before seen in the industry!
  • In addition, the innovative construction of the new Jøtul catalyst reduces the particulate emissions from the units during the first hour of operation, when the units are typically at their worst. Because the catalyst is always active, these wood-burning appliances are among the cleanest in the world.
Turbulator Technology
  • Turbulator technology is one of Jøtul’s latest innovations in clean burning. For an appliance to be efficient and therefore able to reduce emissions, the gases must burn before they are expelled up the chimney. Competitors usually use a catalytic converter that must be maintained regularly or even changed after prolonged use.
  • In the case of Turbulator units, Jøtul’s clever specialists found a way to “break up” the outgoing air stream in order to burn off as many particles as possible before exhausting. The result: more heat in your home and fewer emissions outside.


Jøtul warrants to the original purchaser the quality of its wood and gas stoves against defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years, subject to exclusions and limitations.

Wood Stove products
  • Parts, such as heat deflectors and air collectors, are warranted for the life of the unit. Parts that are subject to normal wear and tear, such as the gasket and bricks, are excluded from this warranty.
  • The cast iron and steel parts are guaranteed for five (5) years.
  • The enamel finish on the parts concerned, if any, is guaranteed for two (2) years.
  • Electrical components, if any, are warranted for one (1) year.

See the manual for full details.

Gas Stove products
  • The cast iron parts, steel doors and combustion chamber are guaranteed for five (5) years.
  • Burners and firebox panels are warranted for two (2) years.
  • The electrical and gas components are guaranteed for one (1) year.

See the manual for full details.