New product

The 3600i insert

A new chapter begins at RSF

By Coval’s Team

| June 5, 2023

RSF introduces its very first fireplace insert! With its quality construction, low emissions and high efficiency, the Focus 3600i is an incomparable fireplace insert. It is the result of over 30 years of experience in building quality fireplaces.




This insert is built to eliminate the drafts of an open masonry fireplace. This new generation of Focus 3600 ensures the same quality and performance as any other RSF fireplace. It will also suit almost any room in your home, thanks to RSF’s heat transfer system.

This medium-sized appliance is perfect to revive an old masonry fireplace or  change your old outdated wood fireplace. It is an easy-to-install insert that blends well with any interior design. With its modern styling, the 3600i lets you safely enjoy a magnificent view of the fire. The warm ambience does not compromise heating efficiency or environmental quality, thanks to its watertight door.


  • Modern styling blends well with any décor
  • Heat-activated internal blower
  • 42″ x 30 5/8″ liner plate available to cover larger openings
  • EPA certification : 1,49 g/h
  • Maximum heat output is 50 000 BTUs
  • Heating capacity from 800 to 1500 ft2
  • Low emission rate
  • Removable chimney collar with handle for installation
  • Numerous heat distribution options are available, such as heat exhaust kits or internal ventilation kits, both sold separately

The 3600i insert has a suggested retail price starting at $3499. It is currently only available by pre-order. It should arrive at your Quebec specialty retailer soon.


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