New product

The new GF 520

A new optimal fire view

By Coval’s Team

| June 29, 2023

A new fire-view gas stove has arrived at Jotul! With its energy efficiency, durability, and beauty, the GF 520 is a heating solution that will bring warmth to your home for years. Enjoy your new gas stove from any angle!




Discover a new range of stove combining technology with modern elegance. This new Jotul is made out of a cast iron that accent the three-sided glass providing you an optimal view from any angle. It will suit almost any room from a mobile home to a bigger size house. Enjoy yourself in the comfort of your home with this new fire view!

It is the ideal stove for adding a touch of elegance to your house. Operating your stove will never be easier! It requires no electricity and its remote control lets you activate it from anywhere in the house. The ignition system, equipped with this appliance, lights the pilot automatically, which will start the GF 520. Turning your natural gas into a propane one will now be easy with the conversion kit. Included with your Jotul, it lets you do the necessary adjustment safely.


  • Three-sided fire view
  • No electricity require to operate the stove
  • 50% heat control turn down
  • Heating capacity goes up to 2000 sq ft
  • Contains a propane conversion kit
  • Includes accent lighting, variable fan, and an energy saving ignition system
  • Propane stove’s efficiency goes up to 29000 BTU
  • Natural gas’ efficiency goes up to 30000 BTU

The GF 520 has a suggested retail price starting at $6299. It is currently available and we already have it in stock!. Visit your local Quebec dealer to place your orders.


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