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Beer pairings with barbecue recipes

The advice of a beerologist

By Simon Demers, owner of Tite Frette Varennes

Presented by Tite Frette Varennes

| April 3, 2023

As part of his Brewing ideas column, Simon Demers, a true enthusiast of the world of beer, but also of wines and ciders, shares his knowledge of these products, which are increasingly widespread around the world, but especially in Quebec. Discover, through his articles, the local products that he loves so much and master the art of entertaining!


Summer is almost upon us. The incredible thing with the arrival of good weather is that it also heralds the start of BBQ season. Since there is no better duo than beer and barbecue, except maybe Jagr and Lemieux (that’s another debate), we decided to give you our suggestions to accompany your grill classics.

Ribs / Corsaire – Brown Ale

Ribs are an emblem of the BBQ. It is therefore important not to use too strong a beer which will drown out the flavors of our meat. A brown ale like Corsaire’s Brown Ale is therefore a top choice. With its aromas of toast, caramel and biscuit, it highlights the sweet taste of the sauce, without however taking all the space. Its reasonable alcohol content, 5.0%, also allows you to stay straight for several hours of smoking.

Grilled chicken / Série Tite Frette – Blanche Orange

Whether on skewers, in a salad or simply a juicy breast, chicken can be used in many ways, just like the Blanche Orange from our classic Tite Frette series. This white beer, of Belgian inspiration and with refreshing notes of orange, will go perfectly with your different recipes, marinated or not. For spice lovers, a New England-style IPA like Ta Meilleur de Lagabière would also be an excellent choice.

Burger / Shelton – Kolsch

The hamburger is a must in the summer. Its ease of cooking and its low cost have made it a favorite when you receive a lot of people. To take full advantage of it, a lager, such as Shelton’s Kölsch, is the best choice. Its subtle taste and herbaceous aromas enhance flavors without masking them.

Steak / La Souche – Gros Pin

The steak remains without a doubt the real “MVP” of the BBQ. From the flank steak to the “brisket”, passing by the filet mignon or the famous tomahawk, all the cuts will delight your guests. One of my favorites will always be the Gros Pin. This Irish-inspired beer with aromas of roasted grains and caramel is a top pairing for your grills.

Fish or Seafood / Le Naufrageur – Gose sur Mer

I like to associate the subtle taste of what comes from the sea (eg: white-fleshed fish such as haddock or shrimp) with sour beers such as Berliner Weisse. If you want to go one step further, opt for the Gose sur Mer from Le Naufrageur microbrewery. This beer, brewed with seawater, gives us a salty taste that will take you directly to the beach, without taking your eyes off your plate.

Obviously, all these products are available at Tite Frette Varennes. We also have a large assortment of BBQ sauces, spices and hot sauces in stock. Do not hesitate to visit us to benefit from the advice of our team. BBQ and beer have this quality in common, that of bringing people together. So, whatever your dish or your type of beer, the important thing will always be to share them in good company. Wishing you a good BBQ surrounded by family and friends. Cheers!

Simon Demers owns the Tite Frette store in Varennes. Passionate about beers for several years, it was in 2021 that he decided to open his own store specializing in Quebec microbrewery beer, but also wines, ciders and other local products. Being also a barbecue lover, it is with pleasure that he shares his knowledge, advice and favorites with you. Come and meet him at his shop at: 2194 route Marie-Victorin, Varennes, QC J3X 1R4.


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