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4 ideal wines for your barbecues

The advice of a sommelier

By Louis-Philipe Mercier, sommelier et co-owner of La Boîte à Vins in collaboration with Simon Demers, owner of Tite Frette Varennes

Presented by Tite Frette Varennes

| September 1, 2023

As part of his Brewing ideas column, Simon Demers, a true enthusiast of the world of beer, but also of wines and ciders, shares his knowledge of these products, which are increasingly widespread around the world, but especially in Quebec. Discover, through his articles, the local products that he loves so much and master the art of entertaining!


The 2023 barbecue season is not over and we are taking this opportunity to introduce you to four essential Quebec wines to enhance your BBQ evenings. For this column, I decided to join forces with my good friend Louis-Philippe Mercier, sommelier, to offer you interesting wine pairings for your summer gatherings. Let’s start without further ado with some tips for a successful food and wine pairing when the barbecue is in the game.

  • To accompany meats, such as steaks, burgers, skewers or even poultry, we recommend red wines that are not too full-bodied in order to highlight the cooking technique used. A wine with a finish marked by black pepper or spices would be preferred in this type of pairing.
  • As for grilled fish, we recommend an amble and aromatic white wine ideally aged in oak barrels in order to enhance the taste of the grilled fish with a woody side. Of course, dry and fruity rosé wines can go well with your barbecue evenings from aperitif to dessert! To pair it well, think of a fresh salad sprinkled with grilled seafood skewers, a real treat.

Let’s continue with a selection of four wines available at Tite Frette Varennes:

Domaine Côtes d’Ardoise / La Marédoise 2021

This organic white wine is distinguished by its notes of exotic fruits, citrus fruits and then white flowers. Very beautiful aromatic expression marked by freshness, finesse and elegance! It is an all-purpose white wine with a slightly woody finish, which would go wonderfully with any dish based on grilled fish.

Vignoble de Pomone / SENS Classique 2021

Red wine aged in stainless steel vats and oak barrels from a blend of Frontenac Noir and Léon-Millot. In the mouth, we are in the presence of a drinkable red with marked aromas of ripe black fruits.

Domaine du Fleuve / Côte-d’en-haut 2020

To make this red wine, the winegrowers of Domaine du Fleuve, as they have always done, picked the grapes by hand to choose only the best. These were then fermented in stainless steel vats, then aged for 12 months in oak barrels. The result is a fruity and woody wine with notes of black pepper on the finish.

Les Artisans du Terroir / Rose Pintable 2022

Great dry rosé wine with a salmon pink color with aromas of white flowers and exotic fruits. On the palate, its dazzling freshness gives way to well-felt citrus notes. Its light finish, with a hint of bitterness, makes it the ideal companion for an aperitif or your summer salads.

Louis-Philippe’s passions for cooking and service in the world of high-end restaurants led him to take the sommelier course at the École des métiers de la restauration de Montréal. It was there that his first entrepreneurial ideas germinated in him, bringing together all his passions, La Boîte à Vins. For two years now, Louis-Philippe Mercier has been working full-time on this project. Visit one of the two stores:

3641 Dandurand Street, Montreal, QC H1X 1N5

369-F Rue Saint-Jean, Longueuil, QC, J4H 2×7

Simon Demers owns the Tite Frette store in Varennes. Passionate about beers for several years, it was in 2021 that he decided to open his own store specializing in Quebec microbrewery beer, but also wines, ciders and other local products. Being also a barbecue lover, it is with pleasure that he shares his knowledge, advice and favorites with you. Come and meet him at his shop at: 2194 route Marie-Victorin, Varennes, QC J3X 1R4.


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