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5 dessert recipes on the barbecue

By Geneviève Garneau

| May 10, 2023

Did you know that you can cook your desserts on the barbecue? They are a great way to impress your guests. Surprise them with a tasty, smoky experience that can not be done in an oven! The intensity of the flames directly on your desserts will allow you to create new flavours and textures that will seduce your guests for hours.


Summer is finally here, and with the nice weather, it is the perfect time to try new recipes! Since many people love desserts, we are suggesting 5 ideas to brighten up your summer evenings.

Grilled cakes

Barbecuing gives you a whole new smoky flavour that often enhances the taste of your cakes. They are as easy to make as any other dessert! Simply preheat your barbecue before placing your cake mixture, previously poured on a baking sheet lightly greased with butter or oil, on the grill. To achieve high temperatures, please use, at high intensity, the burners that are not directly under the cake to not burn the bottom of the cake with direct heat. Also, you must make sure your cake is perfectly cooked before unmoulding it out and grilling it.

To add flavour and texture, try adding fruit slices or spices, such as cinnamon, to your mix. Or, try drizzling it with sauce to give it an extra sweetness.

It is a new practice that lets you play with different methods and ingredients to create your own grilled cake. Do you want to make this type of dessert on your barbecue? This recipe is perfect to impress your future guests!

Grilled fruits

Grilled fruit is a great idea for a summer dessert. It offers a delicious smoky flavour that combines the best of grilling and baking. Plus, they are very versatile as they can be served as a snack or combined with creamy sauces for a tastier dessert. To make them, simply preheat your barbecue to medium or high heat and place your fruits, lightly coated with a sweet sauce, on the grill. Let your fruits cook until tender and golden on each side and flip them to ensure even cooking. Once you are satisfied, remove them from the heat and let it cool before serving it to your guests.

Do you want to give it an extra touch of sweetness? Marinate them in syrup or honey for 30 minutes before putting them on your grill! Here’s a great recipe to surprise your future guests!


Pies are perfect as a warm and comforting dessert. They can be enjoyed at any time of the year, but doing so during the summer will make your experience unforgettable. Barbecue pies offer a smoky flavour that combines the benefits of barbecuing and baking. They are surprisingly easy to make with premade pie dough! In order to do so, roll out your pie crust on a baking sheet. After pouring in the fruit filling of your choice, fold the edges of the pastry over to seal it so you can place in the barbecue. Then, simply preheat your barbecue over medium high heat and let it cook.

Once ready, remove the pie and let it cool before serving it to your guests. Try marinating your fruit in syrup, honey or citrus juice before grilling to give it extra sweetness and flavour.

It is a unique baked good that gives you a smoky flavour that can not be replicated with traditional baking methods! Try this recipe and see for yourself!


S’mores is a popular dessert during the summer. Do not miss the opportunity to impress your guests by making them on your barbecue! You will get an extra smoky taste that you can not get from an oven. The intensity of the flames on your barbecue makes cooking s’mores very quick.

Start by preheating your grill to medium-high heat. Put your s’mores on a lightly greased sheet of foil. The great thing about this type of dessert is that you can add any type of candy that you like. In the end, just top it all with marshmallows. After 10 minutes of baking, remove them and let your s’mores cool before serving them to your guests. If you don’t want to eat them the traditional way, let your creative side shine and top them with chocolate syrup, nut butter or caramel sauce. It is a whole new taste experience!

It is a unique taste that gives you a smoky flavour that enhances the dessert! Do you want to make these s’mores for your guests? This recipe is perfect for surprising everyone without having to use your kitchen on hot summer days!


Cobblers is a warm and comforting dessert that is ideal for any barbecue. They are especially popular at summer family gatherings and easy to make with minimal effort.

Start by preheating your barbecue to medium heat. Next, cut your fruits into thick slices and mix them with sugar, flour and butter to create a rich and fragrant syrup. Spread it out in a dish and place it on the grill. It is important to cover the dish with an extra layer of cookie dough before you slowly bake it. Once it becomes crispy on top, you are ready to enjoy this delicious treat!

Once cooked, remove the cobblers and let them cool before serving. These are perfect as individual servings or for family gatherings. Want to make it even tastier? Top your dessert with ice cream or whipped cream! The whole thing will give you a delicious smoky dessert. Want to share this dessert at your summer parties? This recipe will impress everyone!

S’mores, grilled fruit, pies, cobblers, grilled cakes… These are all desserts that can satisfy your family! When cooking, pay attention to your barbecue model, as some are better for certain types of desserts. Want to bake a cake outside? Barbecues that use more convection heat, like a Jackson Grills, are perfect. For smokier flavours, pellet or charcoal appliances are a charm! Looking to expand your recipe book of barbecue desserts? Here are some additional ideas that may interest your future guests!


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